The Awesome Power of the Link in Linked Data

The links in Linked Data are superior to traditional hyperlinks - they make hyperlinks look dumb. Here's why.

7 Reasons Why TypeScript Helps You Kick Ass

With Types, Classes, ES6/ECMAScript® 2015 Features, Compilation to ES3/ES5/ES6, Generics, Modules, and Interfaces, TypeScript kicks ass.

Life Time

View your whole life, in a sobering glance using this lifetime calendar and calculator.

My First Dead Body

A memoir on my first experience of death.

Better Error Messages from Gulp Using Gulp-Util

With gulp-util, you can spend less time troubleshooting errors and more time creating works of art.

A look at SPARQL – SQL for the Semantic Web

Learn about SPARQL - the query language for Linked Data and the Semantic Web. Its power to unearth knowledge is impressive.


A collection of quotes I Like.

Angular 2

It's still pretty brittle, but very compelling. I'm taking notes...