Manage E-mail Like a Winner

Your inbox says a lot about you. Here's a simple system for managing it effectively.

I'm Not Bored, I'm Thinking

Reflections on my night without electronic devices.

The Awesome Power of the Link in Linked Data

The links in Linked Data are superior to traditional hyperlinks - they make hyperlinks look dumb. Here's why.

7 Reasons Why TypeScript Helps You Kick Ass

With Types, Classes, ES6/ECMAScript® 2015 Features, Compilation to ES3/ES5/ES6, Generics, Modules, and Interfaces, TypeScript kicks ass.

Life Time

View your whole life, in a sobering glance using this lifetime calendar and calculator.

My First Dead Body

A memoir on my first experience of death.

Better Error Messages from Gulp Using Gulp-Util

With gulp-util, you can spend less time troubleshooting errors and more time creating works of art.

A look at SPARQL – SQL for the Semantic Web

Learn about SPARQL - the query language for Linked Data and the Semantic Web. Its power to unearth knowledge is impressive.


A collection of quotes I Like.

Angular 2

It's still pretty brittle, but very compelling. I'm taking notes...