What’s Next for the Web as Told by the Father of the Web

Yesterday’s Web is one of linked documents. Tomorrow’s Web is one of linked data. The technology is here now, the links are being made, and the Semantic Web is barreling down the mountain like a growing snowball. Prepare yourself for impact with this introductory TED talk by the father of the Web himself, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

You can also watch this video on TED.com: http://www.ted.com/talks/tim_berners_lee_on_the_next_web.html

The audio seems to blank out as he closes the talk, so here are those final words as taken from the transcript:

And when you connect data together, you get power in a way that doesn’t happen just with the web, with documents. You get this really huge power out of it. So, we’re at the stage now where we have to do this — the people who think it’s a great idea. (audio stops here) And all the people — and I think there’s a lot of people at TED who do things because — even though there’s not an immediate return on the investment because it will only really pay off when everybody else has done it — they’ll do it because they’re the sort of person who just does things which would be good if everybody else did them. OK, so it’s called linked data. I want you to make it. I want you to demand it. And I think it’s an idea worth spreading.