Linked Data – Where the Enterprise is Going

Linked Data - Where the Web is at and where the enterprise is going.“Where the Web has been, the enterprise is going,” says Dr. David Wood, CTO of 3 Round Stones, in his 3 Minute Executive Briefing video on Linked Data (embedded below). The truth of that statement is underscored by the recent trends of ‘Mobile’ and ‘Social’ for the enterprise. Though the force of Mobile in commerce has been unquestionable for years, many corporations are just now undertaking their first significant projects behind the firewall; making their employee portals device-friendly, for example. The case is similar for Social. Many world leading organizations have only recently deployed a Social platform or are only just now evaluating options. It seems the enterprise is always about 5 years behind the Web. So, what’s cutting edge on the Web today that’s likely to be the big ticket in your enterprise tomorrow?

I predict that it’s going to be Linked Data. Web monoliths like Google and Facebook, among others, are using Linked Data principles and technologies now. Google, for example, recently adopted JSON-LD (JSON for Linking Data) for their new technology, Schemas in GMail, which provides greater interactivity and user engagement with messages that have embedded semantic markup. Google has also adopted microdata, microformats, and RDFa for their Rich Snippets technology, which leverages semantic markup to improve the display of your search results. In 2011, an effort was undertaken to provide data from Facebook’s Graph API in a semantically-enriched, RDF format containing Linked Data URIs. The New York Times has published approximately 10,000 subject headings as linked open data. The BBC is now providing semantic and statistical data for the range of digital products they produce for the BBC’s Linked Data Platform and APIs. The list goes on.

In a previous post, W3C’s Linked Data Platform aims to reframe the Web, I also mentioned that the W3C is working now to provide specifications for a standard platform upon which vendors and implementers might base their products and tools. Make no mistake about it, Linked Data is on the Web and well on its way towards your enterprise. So, heads-up CIOs and CTOs – the time to start learning about this is now.

You can start by watching the following two introductory videos. The first is a very high-level briefing by Dr. David Wood who is a member of the W3C’s Linked Data Platform Working Group. The second is a little more detailed and very popular introduction by Manu Sporny, an entrepreneur who is doing leading-edge work with the the universal payment standard PaySwarm.

Watch on YouTube:

Watch on YouTube:

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