XMLAccess is a command-line utility for exporting and importing various portal configuration settings in an XML format. The utility takes an XML file as input and produces an XML file, which is the results of the input. It’s a very common way of moving configuration settings from one environment to another. On the portal file […]

At Base22, we have a channel on Skype that we use to exchange key information such as when we’re bouncing a server or when we’re polling the staff for ideas to resolve some issue. Of course, there’s also a bit of lighthearted play that goes on. For example, here’s some content from today’s Skype chatter […]

Since the release of IBM WebSphere Portal 7, there have been a number of Portal EL beans exposed for access in your theme. EL beans are Java objects that can be used with the JSTL Expression Language. One of these objects, the UserBean, provides convenient access to the defined user attributes of the authenticated user. In the […]

We are all information architects. It’s just what we do. It’s what makes us human. Our ability to organize and classify information, to conceptualize and abstract – they’re what differentiate us from all other animals on the planet. It’s no wonder that information architecture is so fascinating; it goes to the very heart of our […]

Those who practice user-centered design might say that Information Architecture (IA) is all about organizing information in a way that is most useful and meaningful to end-users. Indeed that’s a big part of it, but certainly not all. If that were really all there was to it, we could just call it Information Organization. But Architecture implies more; it implies […]

There was a time when the concept of Work/Life Balance was good, but it’s starting to sound like corporate HR bullshit now. The concept was invented to help address new conflicts that rose when technology blurred the boundaries of the traditional workday and workplace. And that’s all well and good, but there’s a flip-side to it that […]

Here’s my procedure for shrinking a Windows virtual machine on VMWare Fusion for the Mac. I should give credit to “Mmc” who posted the original procedure back in March 2008, which continues to dominate in Google search results. That procedure is out of date, however, so I reckon it’s time for an update. Make a backup of […]

User Impersonation is a feature in WebSphere Portal that allows select administrative users to take on the profile of other users without having to know their login credentials. This allows the administrative user to evaluate the user experience from the impersonated user’s perspective. It can be quite handy for portals where security and personalization play a heavy […]