In my previous post in the IA Files, I introduced the role of concepts in human cognition and language. I wrote about how concepts are formed in a process that involves both differentiation and integration. Being conscious of that process can help you become a better Information Architect (IA). Today we continue building on this foundation with a […]

Here’s an example wasadmin script (in Jython) that demonstrates how to create and/or update custom properties for resource environment providers. This one, in particular, is a good template for scripting the creation and/or updating of dynamic content spot mappings for a WebSphere Portal theme. First, I want to give a shout out to Gabriel Aberasturi, System […]

Since the release of IBM WebSphere Portal 7, there have been a number of Portal EL beans exposed for access in your theme. EL beans are Java objects that can be used with the JSTL Expression Language. One of these objects, the AccessControlRuntimeModelBean, provides convenient access to the current access control permissions on a resource. […]