In my previous post in the IA Files, we took a look at definitions – those things you typically find in dictionaries or, perhaps more commonly today, when you type ‘define <word>‘ in a Google search. A definition states the meaning of a concept and distinguishes it from all others, thus preserving the logical order of a concept’s […]

So, I just stumbled onto this butt-ugly JavaDoc page, which reminds me of the early nineties and I have to say, it gave me a strange, warm-fuzzy kind of feeling. The last time I saw a JavaDoc like this, applets were actually cool. Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise comes to mind. Michael Jackson is still alive (perhaps […]

With Servlet 3.0, it’s now possible to define your servlet using annotations instead of XML in the web deployment descriptor (web.xml). This can simplify maintenance and deployments because it keeps the servlet definition inline with the servlet’s actual code – everything’s conveniently found and managed together in one file. For those of you ready to […]