Wait. What? Yeah, that’s right. Even though HTML5 has been in use for years, it was only published as a formal Recommendation from the W3C today (this October, the 28th). The W3C completed the definition of HTML5 in December, 2012. In the 22 months since, the W3C community has been refining the specification and adding to the HTML5 […]

Recently, I’ve been learning about the LinkedIn fork of Dust – a client-side templating solution. Dust allows you to create helpers, which are functions that can be called from within a rendering template. They help separate presentation from logic, which is always a good practice. Today we created a String Replace helper, which seems like it might […]

If you want to call yourself a JavaScript bad-ass, then there is at least one little code pattern you should know by heart: the Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE). This pattern defines a function that is executed immediately and it looks like this: (function () { alert(“Hello world, I’m an IIFE!”); }()); This is an […]

Here’s a simple command that will startup an HTTP server from any given folder on a Mac. Open Terminal, cd to change to the directory you wish to serve files from, and then execute the following command. python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 This can be very handy for web development on a Mac; especially when using […]