A macro plugin I made for Atlassian Confluence that mimics a Bootstrap 3 Panel. Overview This is a simple macro I developed that mimics the Bootstrap 3 Panel. The macro takes an optional Title, an optional Style, and a rich text macro body. It renders results as shown in the examples section below. I did this as […]

My collection of handy Linux, Unix, and Mac OS terminal commands. Other references Bash Reference Manual Bash Cheatsheet Learn Shell Change file permissions Command Usage chmod +x filename.ext Give execute access to a file. sudo chmod -R 777 workspace -R means RECURSIVE sudo chown -R basejump workspace Take ownership of a file. basejump (user) and […]

To automatically serve static resources with Spring Boot (e.g. when using spring-boot-starter-web), you can simply place the static resources in one of several paths that Spring Boot automatically recognizes as a static file paths. Following are paths that will are recognized as static file paths: src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/index.html src/main/resources/resources/index.html src/main/resources/static/index.html src/main/resources/public/index.html You can then access the resources at: […]

Logging with Spring Boot is dead simple. Everything’s pretty much setup and ready to go. In this post, I provide some quick and simple tips to get your Spring Boot logs rolling. About Logging Dependencies If you use the ‘Starters’, Logback will be used with appropriate routing included to ensure that dependent libraries that use […]