Vanessa Foster’s account of a misguided youth, fleeing the FBI from Texas all the way to Alaska, is everything a great memoir should be. It’s a love-crazed and drug-twisted adventure where one mishap after another unravels her world until little remains, but a helpless wish for grace and a humbled reliance on the aid of […]

My sister tried to kill herself. Or, at least, I think she did. I was eleven years old. I don’t remember much about it; it was a long time ago – kind of a blur at this point. The thing that sticks out is all the little pink hearts – speed pills. She’d swallowed a […]

Here’s how to use query parameters from the HTPP request (or from the URL) in a personalization component. This page came from my raw notes and hasn’t yet been rewritten for the broader audience; sorry. Posting it anyway for those who won’t mind a little sloppiness. The personalization component must be rendered by the WCM […]

By default, the Display title, rather than the Name is displayed for items in the authoring UI for IBM Web Content Manager (WCM). It may be desirable to see the name instead. This can give authors the ability to use special naming conventions, acronyms, or codes in item names while still keeping a user friendly […]

Here are seven of the most important ZBrush brushes you’ll ever use. Begin your practice with these. Icon Brush Name Notes Standard Really great for things like the detail in an ear. Often overlooked! It’s a good brush. This brush is kind of like inflating an area and it is topology dependent. This is very […]