My study notes on the Sculptris Pro features in ZBrush… The main controls of Sculptris Pro can be found in the Stroke palette… When Sculptris Pro is on, the brush icon is purple. When Sculptris Pro is off, the brush icon is red. Most brushes within ZBrush can be used in Sculptris Pro mode, but […]

A timelapse video, also known as a “Speed Sculpt” video, can exhibit your entire sculpting session in a time-compressed format that’s fascinating to watch and very popular for sharing on video sites like YouTube. Here’s a procedure to setup ZBrush and record such videos. A ZScript, which automates the same procedure is also attached. Note: […]

An armature is like the wire or metal skeleton that a clay sculptor would use to build form upon – or the posable skeleton used under the surface of stop-motion characters in film. With ZSPheres, we can quickly create such armatures. We can then go into ZSphere sketch mode (SHIFT + A) and build up […]

Here are seven of the most important ZBrush brushes you’ll ever use. Begin your practice with these. Icon Brush Name Notes Standard Really great for things like the detail in an ear. Often overlooked! It’s a good brush. This brush is kind of like inflating an area and it is topology dependent. This is very […]