What it means to be a portal and a portlet may be changing. With Google Gadgets, OpenSocial, and Apache Shindig, application functionality can now be delivered to any page on the web, backed by any variety of web and application servers. Using only HTML, JavaScript, and REST/RPC protocols, gadgets are more universal than JSR 168 Portlets and arguably more […]

Did you know that you can get a quick list of db2 commands by typing “db2 ?” on the command line? Following are the DB2 commands from the screen-shot in a form that you can copy and paste: ACTIVATE DATABASE GET CONTACTS RECOVER ADD CONTACT GET/UPDATE DB CFG REDISTRIBUTE DB PARTITION ADD CONTACTGROUP GET/UPDATE DBM […]

Following are a list of the standard system properties which can be accessed in Java code by using the System.getProperty methods. For example… System.getProperty(“path.separator”); Property Name Description Java Version file.encoding The character encoding for the default locale 1.1 file.encoding.pkg The package that contains the converters that handle converting between local encodings and Unicode 1.1 file.separator […]