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With the new Web Developer Toolkit for IBM Digital Experience you can automatically download all the components and presentation templates in a WCM library where you can access them quickly and easily in your favorite editor. You can also push updated files back onto the server with the click of a button or even watch for changes and have them pushed back to the server automatically. The tool also offer features for syncing theme and script portlet files.

We tried the tool today on a couple of WCM libraries and seems to work pretty great.

The following slide deck provides more information:

Web Developer Toolkit for IBM DX Overview Slides

You can download it from GitHub here:

Download Web Developer Toolkit for IBM Digital Experience.

This toolkit is available as unsupported open source. IBM expects to enhance and expand this toolkit over the next months with additional features. You can use the Digital Experience Forum for any questions about the toolkit, and you can use the GitHub project “Issues” area to report any problems you encounter.