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What are the most popular database management systems? DB-Engines Ranking provides a list that's updated monthly. You can look at the complete ranking or filter by types like Relational DBMS, Key-value stores, Document stores, Graph DBMS, RDF stores, Search engines, and more.

For a ranked list of popular databases, check out the DB-Engines Ranking page on the DB-Engines site, a knowledge base of relational and NoSQL database management systems.

Most Popular RDF Stores as of April 2017

Following, for example, is a list of popular RDF Stores as calculated in April 2017.

The site calculates popularity monthly using the following general parameters (see also: Method of calculating the scores of the DB-Engines Ranking):

  • Number of mentions on websites, measured as number of results in search engines queries on Google, Bing and Yandex (searching for <system name> together with the term database, e.g. "Oracle" and "database").
  • General interest in the system, as determined by the frequency of searches in Google Trends.
  • Frequency of technical discussions about the system, as determined by the number of related questions and the number of interested users on Stack Overflow and DBA Stack Exchange.
  • Number of job offers, in which the system is mentioned on leading job search engines Indeed and Simply Hired.
  • Number of profiles in professional networks, in which the system is mentioned in popular professional networks LinkedIn and Upwork.
  • Relevance in social networks, as per a count of the number of Twitter tweets, in which the system is mentioned.

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