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The IBM Digital Experience suite includes IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Web Content Manager, IBM Forms Experience Builder, and IBM Web Experience Factory. Following is my curated list of various reference resources related to these products.

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ResourceAbstractTopicSub-topicResource TypeSourcePublished or Last Mod
Adding Bootstrap to a Portal ThemeThis article explains the steps needed to add Bootstrap to a modularized Portal theme:Theme DevelopmentBootstrap
IBM developerWorks, IBM Digital Experience Developer Center2016-01-29
Bootstrap meets PortalHow to integrate Twitter Bootstrap with WebSphere Portal and provide the different artifacts that are required. Theme DevelopmentBootstrap

Simple Theme Custom EAR File Creation

This sample allows you to quickly make a copy of the Simple Theme ear files and install your own custom version. This will allow you to change the jsps and dynamic content spots in the theme.

Theme DevelopmentSimple Theme
GitHub, Digital Experience2016-01-26
Simple Theme Bootstrap LayoutsThis sample contains four sample layouts which use the Bootstrap framework grid system, which is included in the Simple Theme's static files. Theme DevelopmentBootstrap

Theme PAA for IBM WebSphere PortalProvides access to the Portal 8.5 Theme as a PAA deliverableTheme Development

Developing themes and skins
Theme Development
Product Documentation

Getting started with Themes
Theme Development
Product Documentation

Theme Manager

Theme Development
Product Documentation

DX Performance Testing Substitution Patterns for Reusable Test SuitesThis article will give you an overview over common portal specific substitution parts when writing reusable & dynamic performance tests. This article will not give you any concrete examples based on a specific tool like JMeter or Rational Performance Tester. Instead all examples consist of a little snippet and a potential regular expression to find the areas for substitution.Performance Testing and Tuning

Portal V8.5 Performance Tuning Guide
Performance Testing and Tuning

Resolver Samples for WebSphere PortalIllustration of late binding to an application using the resolver framework in WebSphere Portal

How to create a custom HTML editor integration You can use custom HTML editors in all HTML fields of the authoring interface or specific HTML elements that are defined in an authoring template. Custom HTML fields are used to integrate third-party editors into the authoring interface.

Sample Custom Script Plugins for WCMSamples of WCM Plugins with a JavaScript implementation

IBM Digital Experience Developer CenterFor developers who use IBM Digital Experience products and tools

IBM Digital Experience V8.5 API and Developer Reference Documentation

API, SPI, and other reference documentation for developers is provided here for convenience. The most current documentation is installed with the respective products.


Sample Node.js Build Tools for Script PortletSample Node.js Build Tools for Script Portlet

WCM Sample Custom Workflow ActionsSample custom workflow actions for IBM Web Content Manager

WCM Syndication HealthcheckPeriodically update a content item on the authoring server and verify that the update appears on the rendering server.

RSS Sample for IBM Digital Data Connector in WebSphere PortalRSS Sample for IBM Digital Data Connector in WebSphere Portal - integrate remote RSS data without writing code and style it with Web Content Manager

IBM Digital Experience Wiki

IBM Digital Experience YouTube Channel

IBM ADL4WCM YouTube Channel

WCM 8.5 - CF07 - Storing Translated Strings as Content

Previously, the strings used by the text provider plug-in had to be stored in a custom plug-in. Now they can be stored in content items and site areas, allowing users to create and maintain text provider strings from within Web Content Manager.

IBM Forms Experience Builder 8.6.4This documentation set contains information for both administrators who install and configure the product, and users who design and build IBM® Forms Experience Builder applications.

Product Documentation

What's new with CF08 - IBM

What's new with Combined Cumulative Fix 08.

IBM Knowledge Center

What's new with CF07 - IBM

What's new with Combined Cumulative Fix 07.

What's new with CF06 - IBM

What's new with CF03 - IBM

Web Developer Toolkit for IBM Digital Experience

Leveraging the Power of Web Content Manager Within a Portal Theme

Theme Development

A Step-By-Step Guide to performing a standalone WebSphere Portal 9.0 installationThis guide is meant to provide a step-by-step for the setup and installation of a standalone IBM WebSphere Portal 9.0. We will also cover prerequisites


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