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Welcome to my personal sketchbook where I post my doodles, artistic concepts and illustrations. It's not what I do for a living (obviously), but when I can find the time, it relaxes me.

ZBrush Zombie Study 2

I've had about... I don't know... 65 hours worth of practice using ZBrush up to this point. Comparing this to my last piece, I think I've made some progress. Perhaps next weekend, I'll start something new. Maybe I'll go for cute next time.

Study Session 7 - about 65 hours into my 10,000 hour journey.

Click here to download a higher res version (1274 x 830) 

ZBrush Zombie Study 1

I've had about 46 hours worth of practice using ZBrush up to this point and I've finally been able to get to the point where I can paint, light, and render a sculpture. This was primarily a study piece, so I struggled a lot with it, but I learned a lot - most especially with guidance from the ZBrush Skin Material and Single Pass BPR ebook by Pablo Munoz Gomez, which I got at When time permits, I'll be attempting something much better, so stay tuned!

Study Session 6 - about 46 hours into my 10,000 hour journey.

Click here to download a hi-res version (1920x1080) 


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