SPARQL is the query language for Linked Data and the Semantic Web. It provides new capabilities that you simply cannot get out of traditional SQL and its power to unearth knowledge is amazing. With it, you can perform a distributed or federated query across multiple databases with a single query statement. Because SPARQL endpoints may exist on […]

Recently, I had trouble sharing a security context between WebSphere Portal and a custom web app deployed on the same server. It was for a mobile app that provides a JSON/XML REST API to content and services from Portal 6.1.5. For this to work, we needed the currently authenticated portal user, but since it was […]

In my previous post of the IA Files, I promised I would begin to share best practices for building effective website navigation systems. One “rule of thumb” at the top of my list relates to Navigation Breadth and Depth. The first part of this rule says that static navigation menus should not exceed 7 (plus or minus […]

Last week at the Center for Open Middleware in Madrid, Spain, history was made. The World Wide Web Consortium’s Linked Data Platform working group concluded a third face-to-face meeting in which the finer points of an emerging specification were vigorously debated. Being the dumbest guy in the room is not usually something to be proud […]

Today, I had to install the Java plugin for 64bit Firefox on CentOS 6.4. The procedure wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t exactly straight-forward either. So, I’m recording what worked for when I have to do it again. Hopefully, you might find it useful too. This is not a descriptive tutorial; it’s just quick notes, […]

In my previous post in the IA Files, we took a look at definitions – those things you typically find in dictionaries or, perhaps more commonly today, when you type ‘define <word>‘ in a Google search. A definition states the meaning of a concept and distinguishes it from all others, thus preserving the logical order of a concept’s […]

So, I just stumbled onto this butt-ugly JavaDoc page, which reminds me of the early nineties and I have to say, it gave me a strange, warm-fuzzy kind of feeling. The last time I saw a JavaDoc like this, applets were actually cool. Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise comes to mind. Michael Jackson is still alive (perhaps […]