WCM developers who have editor access to a search component may not have appropriate access to the search collection that the component refers to. In this case, the WCM developer may see a warning message in the WCM authoring UI, which states: “The search collection: <CollectionName> could not be found. Please create the collection or […]

Fat makes your Web content ugly. Face it, friends – it’s a fact. So, I’m going to get straight to the point and leave you with the Here’s the big tip now: Make REDUCTION a conscious part of your Web authoring process. Teach this to your colleagues friends. Have competitions in your office to see who can destroy the most useless words. There is too much shit on […]

The user impersonation feature in WebSphere Portal allows specified users or groups the ability to assume the profile of others. In this way, administrators or help-desk staff can view a personalized and secured portal the way another end-user sees it. Of course, depending on the types of content and services you provide, this could be […]

Did you know there’s a tool that can help you search through JAR files to find Java classes or packages? I’ve been using it for years and I am often surprised that so few Java developers have it in their toolbox. Of course, it’s very handy for resolving those pesky NoClassDefFoundError and ClassNotFoundExceptions, but my […]

A Java ClassNotFound exception does not always mean that a class could not be found on the classpath. It seems that sometimes it can mean that the class was actually found 2 or more times – a conflict in the classloader. Recently, while developing a portlet for WebSphere Portal, I got the following exception: Caused […]

Render the values of a Map The following code snippet shows how to get the values of a Map (e.g. HashMap) from within a Freemarker template. <#assign m = myMap> <#assign values = m?values> <ul> <#list values as myObject> <li>${myObject.myPropery}</li> </#list> </ul> Render the keys of a Map You can do a similar thing with […]