In this weekend’s side-hustle series, we’re building a Progressive Web App (PWA) for desktop and mobile that delivers WordPress content using Ionic, Angular, and the WordPress API. In Part 1, we got everything setup and working. If you haven’t seen Part 1, I recommend that you start there. Today, for Part 2, we will convert the […]

Here’s a handy Unity script that, when applied to a game object, will give the object a repetitive, but smooth upward and downward movement. This effect is often used to make a “head bob” or to make a player object look like it’s breathing; especially when it’s in idle state. This kind of effect can […]

Here is a procedure for using Spotlight to display reference images in ZBrush. Import a reference image using Texture > Import. Once you’ve imported the image, you should see a thumbnail for the image in the Texture palette. Click the image thumbnail to select it. In the Texture palette, now click the plus/minus icon to […]

If you want to weld multiple subtools together to create one seamless mesh, here’s how… Supposing that you have two subtools in the Subtool palette. Turn on Live Boolean (click the Live Boolean button to activate Live Boolean). Then navigate to Subtool > Boolean and click Make Boolean Mesh. This will scan through all the […]