My study notes on use of the ZBrush SliceCurve brush… The SliceCurve brush allows you to slice to define new polygroups by drawing a line with bezier curves. The SliceCurve brush, once selected, is enabled as the active selection tool when you press CTRL + SHIFT. When working with this brush, we’re creating polygroups. So, to […]

Polygroups allow you to organize a single mesh with visual grouping information. Press SHIFT + F or press the Draw Polyframe button as shown selected in orange below to see the polygroups. Notice that the example image has six different polygroups as depicted with different colors. […]

Normally, polygroups display sections of a single mesh. If you want to convert polygroups into SubTools you can do the following. If your model has different elements go to Tool > Polygroups and select Auto Groups. You can then go to SubTools > Split and click Groups Split. Groups Split will be disabled unless all […]

This tutorial demonstrates a quick and simple way to create clothing in ZBrush by extruding a polygroup out from a Subtool. Mask an area on the SubTool by holding down CTRL and painting on the Subtool. In the Polygroups palette, click > Group Masked Press CTRL + SHIFT and click the new polygroup to select […]

Suppose you have made a polygroup on one side of your subtool (using the SliceCurve brush, for example)… If you want to mirror that polygroup onto the other side of the subtool, follow this procedure. In the Deformation palette, on the Mirror button, select the axis on which to mirror (usually x). Click the Mirror […]

When you isolate a polygroup in ZBrush, you can then work with it independently. For example, you might select Tool > Geometry > Del Hidden to delete the polygroups that are hidden after you’ve isolated one. Hold CTRL + SHIFT and click on a given polygroup to isolate it, hiding all the others. Hold CTRL + SHIFT and click on […]

To start a ZSphere model, select the zsphere tool from the Tool palette (the two-toned red ball) – and draw it on the canvas. Enter Edit mode by pressing T on the keyboard. Press SHIFT + A to enter sketch mode. You’ll then see the two tones of the ZSphere turn to a solid color… When sketching with ZSpheres, you can […]

A compendium of online resources related to ZBrush; updated from time-to-time, whenever I discover something new and useful…   30 Best Zbrush Tutorials and Training Videos for Beginners An article that aggregates several good tutorials, the sum of which cover a very broad scope over ZBrush features, functionality, and techniques. BadKing BadKing is a free […]

As you sketch, you’re going to be adding more and more ZSpheres to your canvas. You can see just how many ZSpheres you’ve added so far by looking at the Active Points in the top right of the ZSphere interface. According to that, I’ve got 58 ZSpheres in my drawing. While you’re sketching, you’re actually […]