Curated list of IBM Digital Experience resources

Here’s a curated list of resources related to the IBM Digital Experience platform that I’ve started managing with markdown pages in a GitHub repo. If you want to see an expanded view of the product documentation tree or other resources for IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Web Content Manager, etc., check it out. […]

Here’s how to use query parameters from the HTPP request (or from the URL) in a personalization component. This page came from my raw notes and hasn’t yet been rewritten for the broader audience; sorry. Posting it anyway for those who won’t mind a little sloppiness. The personalization component must be rendered by the WCM […]

By default, the Display title, rather than the Name is displayed for items in the authoring UI for IBM Web Content Manager (WCM). It may be desirable to see the name instead. This can give authors the ability to use special naming conventions, acronyms, or codes in item names while still keeping a user friendly […]

Even though you can limit the maximum size of the resources that can be uploaded in WCM, you may still wish to perform an occasional audit for large files. The FindLargeResources module, developed for APAR PK75187 (going back to Portal, was created for such a task. WHY? Users can experience poor performance when viewing large resources […]

Occasionally, you may find yourself with the need to “touch” (force a SAVE operation) on every item in a given WCM library. For example, we recently had some environmental issues that left us with a pretty large sum of taxonomy categories that did not syndicate. After recreating the syndicator/subscriber pair, we could get individual categories […]

Content Manager with a custom rendering plugin that integrates theApache Velocity Engine. This enables users to use Velocity templates within WCM content, which can give them JSP-like capabilities without the need for server-side deployments. In Part 1, we created a custom rendering plugin. We also brought the Apache Velocity template technology into the project and gave […]

In this multi-part series, you will learn how to make your developers and advanced content authors happy by extending IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) with a custom rendering plugin that integrates the Apache Velocity Engine. Your users will then be able to use Velocity templates within WCM content, which can give them JSP-like capabilities without the […]

When developing services around IBM’s Web Content Manager (WCM), it can be very useful to know when items have changed. Suppose, for example, that you’re maintaining an in-memory cache of taxonomy categories. You don’t want to access the database and refresh the entire cache on a timer, especially if the taxonomy is particularly large. Wouldn’t […]

WCM developers who have editor access to a search component may not have appropriate access to the search collection that the component refers to. In this case, the WCM developer may see a warning message in the WCM authoring UI, which states: “The search collection: <CollectionName> could not be found. Please create the collection or […]