Here is the procedure for using the Prism.js syntax highlighter in an Ionic / Stencil app.  First install prism.js with the following command: npm install –save prismjs Add the following line in the head section of your app’s index.html file: <link href=”/assets/prismjs/prism.css” rel=”stylesheet” /> In stencil.config.ts, add the following stanza to copy the appropriate theme […]

In this post I describe how to copy assets from the node_modules directory using the copy config in the stencil.config.ts file for Stencil.js. My Stencil project has a dependency on Bootstrap, so in the pages that use my components, I needed to include the following files: bootstrap.min.css bootstrap.min.js jquery.slim.min.js popper.min.js First, I added these as […]