My study notes on use of the ZBrush SliceCurve brush… The SliceCurve brush allows you to slice to define new polygroups by drawing a line with bezier curves. The SliceCurve brush, once selected, is enabled as the active selection tool when you press CTRL + SHIFT. When working with this brush, we’re creating polygroups. So, to […]

When you press SHIFT in ZSketch mode to smooth out the sketch, the default brush is Smooth 1. When you get to the ends of a chain of ZSpheres, Smooth 1 will embed and resize the ends, conforming the ends to the underlying model. You can see this demonstrated in the image below. If we want to […]

Here are seven of the most important ZBrush brushes you’ll ever use. Begin your practice with these. Icon Brush Name Notes Standard Really great for things like the detail in an ear. Often overlooked! It’s a good brush. This brush is kind of like inflating an area and it is topology dependent. This is very […]