The MEAN stack defined

A particular combination of development tools, used together, is known as “a stack”. Often, a given set of tools (the stack) are so commonly used together that the set gets branded by the development community – typically, in the form of an acronym. A popular stack that you may be familiar with, for example, is the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Python/Perl). Here’s a new one that you may have been hearing more of lately: MEAN. The MEAN stack is comprised of the following:

  • MongoDB: a database engine used to store the data.
  • Express.js: a server-side framework for building web applications, similar to ASP.NET MVC or Rails.
  • Angular: a front-end framework for building web applications
  • Node.js: a server-side Javascript runtime environment

What’s your favorite stack? If it’s not already popular in the community, can you invent a jazzy acronym for it? Who knows? It just might stick.