Access the WAS console from WebSphere Portal Server

Up to WebSphere Portal version 5.1, you could not access the WebSphere Application Server administration console from WebSphere Portal. You had to have you WAS server up separately. Now, you no longer have to have WAS running separately and you can access the WAS console from WebSphere Portal Server. Following is a URLs you can try, which might work:

  • https://<host>:10032/ibm/console

In some installations, ports may differ. To find your WAS admin console port, you can check your serverindex.xml file.

On my local development environment, that file is located at: C:\IBM\WebSphere\wp_profile\config\cells\node1\nodes\node1.

In that file, you might try looking for endPointName=”WC_adminhost” or endPointName=”WC_adminhost_secure”>. For example, in one of my development environments, I found the following, which confirms port 10032, but in your environment, you may find a different value there to use:

<specialEndpoints xmi:id="NamedEndPoint_1282247807415" endPointName="WC_adminhost_secure">
      <endPoint xmi:id="EndPoint_1282247807415" host="*" port="10032"/>