About ZSphere Smoothing Brushes

When you press SHIFT in ZSketch mode to smooth out the sketch, the default brush is Smooth 1.

When you get to the ends of a chain of ZSpheres, Smooth 1 will embed and resize the ends, conforming the ends to the underlying model. You can see this demonstrated in the image below.

If we want to resize the ends of a ZSphere chain without also embedding and conforming them to the underlying form, we can use Smooth 2.

With Smooth 2, the ends of the ZSphere chain are resized, but not embedded…

Smooth 3 will simply smooth the chain, but it will not embed or resize the ends.

Smooth 4 is really good for things like muscles.

Smooth 4 embeds and resizes the ends of the ZSphere chain, but it also uses a stronger pitch along the length of the ZSphere chain so that you end up with a strong bow towards the center of the chain as shown below.

In little time, you can flesh out an armature. It’s really fun!