Notes on ZBrush Sculptris Pro

My study notes on the Sculptris Pro features in ZBrush…

The main controls of Sculptris Pro can be found in the Stroke palette…

Custom Brushes

You will also find a Sculptris Pro menu in the Brush palette for every brush. In that menu, each brush that works with Sculptris Pro will have Enable and Use Global selected. Use Global means that it uses what’s defined in the Sculptris Pro Stroke palette, which is global settings. You can uncheck Use Global here (in the brush palette).

This is useful for setting tessellation / decimation settings for Sculptris Pro and then Save As to save your brush as a custom brush.

For the brush, if you turn off Enable, it will not add tessellation or decimation in Sculptris Pro mode; it will just be used as a normal sculpting brush.

Decimation Master

Reduce polygon count, while not losing detail, when using Sculpris Pro.

ZPlugin > Decimation Master

Click on the presets to decimate and change poly count. Decimation is the process of reducing polygon count and vertex points while trying not to lose sculptural detail.

So, this is great for optimizing the model as you use Sculptris Pro – decimating (in general), then adding detail (tessellation) where you need it.