Permitting Author Access to the Search Collection in a WCM search Component

WCM developers who have editor access to a search component may not have appropriate access to the search collection that the component refers to. In this case, the WCM developer may see a warning message in the WCM authoring UI, which states: “The search collection: <CollectionName> could not be found. Please create the collection or select another one.” The search collection selected in the component will also be tagged as [missing].

This can be corrected by giving the WCM search component editor appropriate access to the collection using the Access area within the Portal admin interface.

Here’s how:

With this tip, you should be able to ease concerns that your WCM search component developers might have. If the same developers do not have access to the search administration area of the Portal admin UI, you should not be concerned about their ability to edit attributes of the collection itself.