VS Code Cheat Sheet

VS Code IconThis is my personal cheat sheet for Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code). Mainly, this is to record little commands and things that I am constantly forgetting (especially unique ones related to the unique plugins I use).

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows


Action Key(s)
Show Command Palette CTRL + SHIFT + P, F1
Quick Open, Go to File… CTRL + P
New window/instance CTRL + SHIFT + N
Close window/instance CTRL + SHIFT + W
User Settings CTRL + ,
Keyboard Shortcuts CTRL + K CTRL + S

Basic editing

Action Key(s)
Cut line (empty selection) Ctrl + X
Copy line (empty selection) Ctrl + C
Move line up/down Alt + /
Copy line up/down Shift + Alt + /
Delete line Ctrl + Shift + K
Insert line below Ctrl + Enter
Insert line above Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Jump to matching bracket Ctrl + Shift + \
Indent/outdent line Ctrl + ] / [
Go to beginning/end of line Home / End
Go to beginning of file Ctrl + Home
Go to end of file Ctrl + End
Scroll line up/down Ctrl + /
Scroll page up/down Alt + PgUp / PgDn
Fold (collapse) region Ctrl + Shift + [
Unfold (uncollapse) region Ctrl + Shift + ]
Fold (collapse) all subregions Ctrl + K Ctrl + [
Unfold (uncollapse) all subregions Ctrl + K Ctrl + ]
Fold (collapse) all regions Ctrl + K Ctrl + 0
Unfold (uncollapse) all regions Ctrl + K Ctrl + J
Add line comment Ctrl + K Ctrl + C
Remove line comment Ctrl + K Ctrl + U
Toggle line comment Ctrl + /
Toggle block comment Shift + Alt + A
Toggle word wrap Alt + Z


Action Key(s)
Show all Symbols CTRL + T
Go to Line... CTRL + G
Go to File... CTRL + P
Go to Symbol... CTRL + SHIFT + O
Show Problems panel CTRL + SHIFT + M
Go to next error or warning F8
Go to previous error or warning SHIFT + F8
Navigate editor group history CTRL + SHIFT + TAB
Go back / forward ALT + /
Toggle Tab moves focus CTRL + M

Search and replace

Action Key(s)
Find CTRL + F
Replace CTRL + H
Find next/previous F3 / SHIFT + F3
Select all occurences of Find match ALT + ENTER
Add selection to next Find match CTRL + D
Move last selection to next Find match CTRL + K CTRL + D
Toggle case-sensitive / regex / whole word ALT + C / R / W

Multi-cursor and selection

Action Key(s)
Insert cursor ALT + Click
Insert cursor above / below CTRL + ALT + /
Undo last cursor operation CTRL + U
Insert cursor at end of each line selected SHIFT + ALT + I
Select current line CTRL + L
Select all occurrences of current selection CTRL + SHIFT + L
Select all occurrences of current word CTRL + F2
Expand selection SHIFT + ALT +
Shrink selection SHIFT + ALT +
Column (box) selection SHIFT + ALT + (drag mouse)
Column (box) selection CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + (arrow key)
Column (box) selection page up/down CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + PgUp / PgDn

Rich languages editing

Action Key(s)
Trigger suggestion CTRL + SPACE
Trigger parameter hints CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE
Format document SHIFT + ALT + F
Format selection CTRL + K CTRL + F
Go to Definition F12
Peek Definition ALT + F12
Open Definition to the side CTRL + K F12
Quick Fix CTRL + .
Show References SHIFT + F12
Rename Symbol F2
Trim trailing whitespace CTRL + K CTRL + X
Change file language CTRL + K M

Editor management

Action Key(s)
Close editor CTRL + F4, CTRL +
Close folder CTRL + K F
Split editor CTRL +
Focus into 1st, 2nd or 3rd editor group CTRL + 1 / 2 / 3
Focus into previous/next editor group CTRL + K CTRL + /
Move editor left/right CTRL + SHIFT + PgUp / PgDn
Move active editor group CTRL + K /

File management

Action Key(s)
New File CTRL + N
Open File... CTRL + O
Save CTRL + S
Save As... CTRL + SHIFT + S
Save All CTRL + K S
Close CTRL + F4
Close All CTRL + K CTRL + W
Reopen closed editor CTRL + SHIFT + T
Enter Keep preview mode editor open CTRL + K
Open next CTRL + Tab
Open previous CTRL + SHIFT + Tab
Copy path of active file CTRL + K P
Reveal active file in Explorer CTRL + K R
Show active file in new window/instance CTRL + K O


Action Key(s)
Toggle full screen F11
Toggle editor layout (horizontal/vertical) SHIFT + ALT + 0
Zoom in/out CTRL + = / -
Toggle Sidebar visibility CTRL + B
Show Explorer / Toggle focus CTRL + SHIFT + E
Show Search CTRL + SHIFT + F
Show Source Control CTRL + SHIFT + G
Show Debug CTRL + SHIFT + D
Show Extensions CTRL + SHIFT + X
Replace in files CTRL + SHIFT + H
Toggle Search details CTRL + SHIFT + J
Show Output panel CTRL + SHIFT + U
Open Markdown preview CTRL + SHIFT + V
Open Markdown preview to the side CTRL + K V
Zen Mode (Esc Esc to exit) CTRL + K Z


Action Key(s)
Toggle breakpoint F9
Start/Continue F5
Stop SHIFT + F5
Step into/out F11 / SHIFT + F11
Step over F10
Show hover CTRL + K CTRL + I

Integrated terminal

Action Key(s)
Show integrated terminal CTRL + `
Create new terminal CTRL + SHIFT + ` \
Copy selection CTRL + C
Paste into active terminal CTRL + V
Scroll up/down CTRL + ↑ / ↓
Scroll page up/down SHIFT + PgUp / PgDn
Scroll to top/bottom CTRL + Home / End

For other operating systems’ keyboard shortcuts and additional information, see Key Bindings for Visual Studio Code.

Preference settings

Following is NOT an exhaustive list of all preference settings that are available. There are more, but these are just the ones I have so far found useful.

To access settings, go to File > Preferences > Settings, or press CTRL + ,

Setting Description
editor.minimap.enabled Controls whether the minimap is shown.
editor.renderControlCharacters Controls whether the editor should render control characters.
editor.renderWhitespace Controls whether the editor should render whitespace characters.
explorer.compactFolders Controls whether the explorer should render folders in a compact form. In such a form, single child folders will be compressed in a combined tree element. Useful for Java package structures, for example.
html.autoClosingTags Enable/disable autoclosing of HTML tags.
javascript.updateImportsOnFileMove.enabled Enable/disable automatic updating of import paths when you rename or move a file in VS Code. Requires using TypeScript 2.9 or newer in the workspace.
window.zoomLevel Adjust the zoom level of the window. The original size is 0 and each increment above (e.g. 1) or below (e.g. -1) represents zooming 20% larger or smaller. You can also enter decimals to adjust the zoom level with a finer granularity.
workbench.tree.indent Controls tree indentation in pixels.
workbench.tree.renderIndentGuides Controls whether the tree should render indent guides.


HTML Tag Wrap

Plugin dependency: htmltagwrap

Wraps selected code with HTML tags.


  • Select one or more blocks of text or strings of text.
  • Press Alt + W or Option + W for Mac.
  • Type the tag name you want.

By default, pressing spacebar will deselect the closing tags, so you can add attributes to the opening tags (you can turn this feature off, see below). If nothing is selected when you run htmltagwrap, it will add an opening and closing tag at the cursor position.

NOTE: This extension works best in files that either use tabs or spaces for indentation. It may not work as well with mixed tabs/spaces.